Jean-Sauveur Ay

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Contact Information

Phone: 00.33.(0)
Email: jsay-at-inra-dot-fr
Address: Inra, UMR Cesaer
  26 blvd Dr Petitjean
  21000 Dijon (France)
Web pages: Cesaer / GitHub / RePEc / ResearchGate / Scholar

Professional experience

2014 to now Researcher at INRA, UMR Cesaer Dijon
2013 to 2014 Research fellow at INRA, UMR Éco Pub Paris
2011 to 2013 Postdoctoral fellow at CNRS, UMR Cesco Paris


2008 to 2011 PhD in Economics at INRA and Université de Bourgogne
2007 to 2008 MA in Economics at PSE, Paris School of Economics
2005 to 2007 MA in Economics at Université Aix-Marseille II

Research interest

Land Economics
Land use choices and land price patterns in relation to agricultural, environmental and urban outcomes. Impacts of public policies related to land use and land prices.
Wine Economics
Consumers' preferences for wine characteristics, vineyard prices in relation to geographical indications and environmental factors. Impacts of public policies related to the wine sector.
Applied Econometrics
Spatial econometrics, geographically weighted regression, treatment effects, best unbiased predictions, discrete choice models.


Refereed papers (in English)

  • Bioeconomic impacts of agroforestry policies in France (with Lauriane Mouysset, Claire Rais Assa, Frédéric Jiguet, Romain Lorrilière, Luc Doyen). Land Use Policy, 2019, 85, 239–248. [ bib ; link ]
  • Does issuing building permits reduce the cost of land? An estimation based on the demand for building land in France (with Jean Cavailhès, Mohamed Hilal and Julie Le Gallo). Economics and Statistics, 2018, 500-501-502, 45–67. [ bib ; file ; sup ; link ]
  • Nonlinear impact estimation in spatial autoregressive models (with Kassoum Ayouba and Julie Le Gallo). Economics Letters, 2018, 163: 59–64. [ bib ; file ; sup ; link ]
  • Distance decay in the willingness to pay for wine: Disentangling local and organic attributes (with Raja Chakir, and Stéphan Marette). Environmental and Resource Economics, 2017, 68(4): 997–1019. [ bib ; file ; pres ; sup ; link ]
  • Aggregated versus individual land-use models: Modeling spatial autocorrelation to increase predictive accuracy (with Raja Chakir and Julie Le Gallo). Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 2017, 22(2): 129–145. [ bib ; file ; sup ; link ; online ]
  • The economics of land use reveals a selection bias in tree species distribution models (with Joannès Guillemot, Nicolas Martin-St Paul, Luc Doyen, and Paul Leadley). Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2017, 26(1):65–77. [ bib ; file ; pres ; sup ; link ]
  • The informational content of land price and its relevance for environmental issues (with Laure Latruffe). Review of Environmental and Resource Economics, 2016, 10(3-4):183–226. [ bib ; file ; link ]
  • Integrated models, scenarios and dynamics of climate, land use and common birds (with Raja Chakir, Luc Doyen, Frédéric Jiguet and Paul Leadley). Climatic Change, 2014, 126(1-2):13–30. [ bib ; file ; sup ; link ; online]
  • Efficiency and equity of land conservation schemes: The effect of policy scale (with Claude Napoléone). Journal of Environmental Management, 2014, 129:190–198. [ bib ; link ]
  • A spatial hedonic approach on land use change anticipations (with Ghislain Geniaux and Claude Napoléone). Journal of Regional Science, 2012, 51(5):967–986. [ bib ; link ]

Refereed papers (in French)

  • Délivrer des permis de construire pour diminuer le coût du foncier? Une estimation par la demande de terre constructible (avec Jean Cavailhès, Mohamed Hilal et Julie Le Gallo). Économie et Statistiques, 2018, 500-501-502, 45–67. [ file ; sup ; link ; pres ]
  • Information sur l'hétérogénéité de la terre et délégation de la régulation foncière. Revue d'Économie Politique, 2015, 125(3):453–474. [ bib ; link ]
  • La gestion publique des ressources foncières: Entre évaluation de la rareté et choix d'usage (avec Claude Napoléone). Revue des Régions Arides, 2013, 30(1):177–190. [ bib ; file ]

Working papers

  • A bio-economic analysis for land-uses and biodiversity in metropolitan France (with Lauriane Mouysset, Claire Rais Assa, Frédéric Jiguet, Romain Lorrilière and Luc Doyen). Cahiers du GREThA 2017-05, 2017 [ link ]
  • Improving the estimates of agricultural land valuation: report to the World Bank (with Philippe Bontems, Raja Chakir and Laure Latruffe). HAL-01462707, 2015 [ link ]
  • The effects of scale, space and time on the predictive accuracy of land use models (with Raja Chakir and Julie Le Gallo). Cahiers de recherche 2014/02, INRA SAE2, 2014 [ link ]
  • The empirical content of the present value model: A survey of the instrumental uses of farmland prices (with Laure Latruffe). Factor Markets Working Papers, 2013 [ link ]
  • La valeur des attributs naturels des terres agricoles de Côte-d'Or (with Jean-Marc Brayer, Jean Cavailhès, Pierre Curmi, Mohamed Hilal and Marjorie Ubertosi). INRA UMR CESAER Working Papers 2012-1, 2012 [ link ]
  • Informations sur le foncier agricole pour contribuer à la gestion de l'eau. INRA UMR CESAER Working Papers 2011-6, 2011 [ link ]
  • Hétérogénéité de la terre et rareté économique. PhD thesis, INRA and Université de Bourgogne, 2011, [ link ]

Current papers

  • Hedonic valuation of geographical indications with unobserved terroir effects. With Julie Le Gallo.
  • The informational content of geographical indications. [ file ]
  • Disease dispersion as a spatial interaction: The case of grapevine flavescence dorée. With Estelle Gozlan.
  • A new method to estimate price-elasticity on wine markets. With Julie Le Gallo.
  • La capitalisation du prix des vins dans le prix des vignes. With Abdoul Diallo and Hai-Vu Pham.
  • Willingness-to-pay for the evolution of wine geographical indications. With Stéphan Marette, Christophe Martin and Monia Saïdi.


World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling (May, Montréal, Canada) ; Transmission du Patrimoine Viticole en Bourgogne (June, Beaune, France)
Séminaire LARESS à l'ESA (April, Angers, France) ; Journées Ingé plus (April, Dijon, France).
Ministère de l'écologie (March, Paris, France) ; Séminaire du LEF (March, Nancy, France) ; Vineyard Data Quantification Society (May, Colmar, France) ; Spatial Econometrics Workshop (May, Avignon, France) ; Société Française d'Écologie (October, Marseille, France) ; Séminaire du LAMETA (December, Montpellier, France) ; Journée du département SAE2 (December, Paris, France).
Salon International de l'Agriculture (February, Paris, France) ; Wine seminar at Kedge School of Business (May, Bordeaux, France) ; American Association of Wine Economists (May, Mendoza, Argentina) ; Natural Resource Modelling workshop (June, Bordeaux, France) ; TRUSTEE General Meeting (October, Malmoe, Swedish) ; Dialogues Interdisciplinaires, (December, Dijon, France).
Global Land Project Science meeting (March, Berlin, Germany) ; Métaprogramme INRA ACCAF (December, Orléans, France).
VII Conference of Spatial Econometrics Association (July, Washington, USA) ; Internal Seminary CRESE, (October, Besançon, France) ; Global Change Adaptation, (November, Clermont-Ferrand, France) ; Journées INRA–SFER–CIRAD (December, Angers, France).
Planning, Law and Property Rights (February, Belfast, United Kingdom) ; Workshop Spatial Econometrics and Statistics (November, Avignon, France) ; Journées INRA–SFER–CIRAD (December, Toulouse, France).
Internal Seminary Ecodéveloppement (October, Avignon, France).
EAAE Ph.D. Workshop (September, Giessen, Germany) ; Journées d'Étude des Sols (May, Strasbourg, France).
Journées INRA–SFER–CIRAD (December, Lille, France).

Other activities

Research programs

  • PubPrivLands (2019-2021) funded by Région Bourgogne Franche-Comté (ISIT-BFC)
  • Risca (2019-2021) funded by Plan National Dépérissement du Vignoble
  • Trustee (2013-2017) funded by EU FP7, ERA-NET RURAGRI program
  • Mobilis (2012-2013) funded by FRB, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité
  • EcoSolHydro (2011-2012) funded by ADEME and MEEDE, from GESSOL program

Teaching experience

Course Place Hours Formation Period
Econometrics SciencesPo Dijon 24 Undergraduate 2018–2020 (2 year)
Economics SciencesPo Dijon 48 Undergraduate 2016–2020 (4 years)
Econometrics AgroParisTech 24 Postgraduate 2012–2017 (5 years)
Econometrics Univ. of Franche-Comté 18 Postgraduate 2012–2017 (5 years)
Microeconometrics Univ. of Burgundy 14 Undergraduate 2010–2011 (1 year)

Referee reports

Acta Oeconomica (1), Ecological Economics (2), Économie et Statistique (2), Économie Rurale (1), European Review of Agricultural Economics (2), International Journal of Geographical Information Science (1), International Journal of Strategic Property Management (1), Journal of Environmental Management (3), Plos One (1), Regional Studies (1), Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies (1), Revue Économique (1), Revue d'Économie Régionale et Urbaine (3), Spatial Economic Analysis (2), Spatial Statistics (1), Sustainability (1).


  • Consultant and Expert for INAO, the French National Institute of the Signs of Quality and Origin.
  • Consultant for Inter-Rhône, the professional organization of the wine producers and traders from Rhône Valley.
  • Member of the scientific committee of RNEST, a national network about the management of soil quality.
  • Expert in a scientific team about "Artificialized land and artificialization processes: determinants, impacts and levers for action" [ website ].
  • Member of the scientific committee of the Workshop on Spatial Econometrics and Statistics.

Author: (jsay@jsay-Precision-7520)


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